International Invention Exhibition

Any one is  wishing to participate in the invention exhibition are unconditional to participate in the tournament qualifiers.

Exhibition objective:

Presenting the most prominent inventions then presenting them to all investment and marketing agencies in order to contract their application.
Work to display these inventions in the media, as the international media covers all events
The participants in the exhibition will be subject to an international jury, and this will measure the acceptance of the invention for the markets and interested parties.


1.Presentation of an international certificate on the sidelines of the World Cup and the Japan-Africa International Summit
2.Presenting gold, silver and bronze medals
3.Publish all inventors' inventions in the American G.O.I.D.I Journal of Inventions registered in the Library of Congress and holding the ISSN International Record.
4.An opportunity to earn points from this year's participation and also you will participate next year again.
5.Opportunity to work in the invention industry initiative according to the specified date.

Special conditions:

1. Owning a patent
2. Owning a model
3. Signing the marketing contract according to the time specified by the management
4. The presence of the inventor or his representative and a letter certified by his country
5. Show unmanufactured inventions.

General Points:

1. Participation in all disciplines
2. All nationalities are participate
3. Participate age's from 17 onwards
4. Pay the prescribed fees
5. Attendance on the specified date
6. Adhere to all instructions