Development and Investment
An American non-profit, non-governmental organization
Presents a global initiative in the world of invention and innovation

Knowledge Investment in Inventions Initiative

Business Idea
The idea arose from the inventors’ need for an official and legal body to protect their ideas and inventions and to work on embracing and nurturing them, starting with drawings and implementing specialized studies for them, moving to designing the actual model of the invention, leading to the real birth stage of manufacturing, production and international marketing.
business partners
 Entrepreneurs and investors
International organizations
Investment institutions and government ministries
Private investment institutions
Scientific research institutions and universities
Supporters and Sponsors
International investment funds
Financial institutions and banks
stages of work
• Start receiving applications as of the announcement of the industrialization initiative in the month of 8 with the start of the World Cup and the national debate and the introduction of the program, and an official launch of the industrialization initiative will be
• Issuance of preliminary approval based on the type of invention
• Payment of the contribution and participation from the inventors
• Signing an international legal contract with inventors
• The most prominent inventions required for the market are nominated and work is being done to introduce them to the work stages
• Inventors whose inventions will be manufactured in the first stage are informed
• The work was carried out in several stages decided by the management of the authority and the investment management, according to the reality of the work
• There will be many international procedures, attendance, participation and international diplomatic sponsorships
Holding an international exhibition one year after the start of receiving applications for all the inventions that were accepted and those that were not
Terms of participation for inventors
Owning a domestic or international patent
Acceptance of the invention for manufacture
wining the financial contribution percentage
Signing a contract of agreement and partnership with the invention
Participating categories of inventors
Patent owner
Owners of ideas or those who own an invention filing registration of 5% of the number of participants in case it is distinguished and of marketing benefit
Benefits for Inventors
Participation in the activities and qualifiers of the World Cup for Invention and Scientific Research
Finding an opportunity to invest and adopt inventions
To highlight the inventors at the diplomatic, governmental, international and investment levels
Obtaining the most prominent high-level international certificates approved by major international organizations
To identify the extent to which inventions are accepted by the target investment authorities or not, and to save time, effort and money
Participation in the annual international invention fair
Publication of inventions in the international refereed and indexed American Inventions Journal
Legal safety in submitting invention documents
Registering internationally accepted patents